As a fully qualified and insured Complementary Therapist, I am pleased to be able to offer Alternative Healing Therapies, such as Reiki and Crystal Healing.

More and more people these days are turning towards alternative methods of healing, and are understanding how therapies such as Reiki or Crystal Healing can help.  As we all continue to lead ever increasingly busy and stressful lives, appreciating the value of relaxation can be the key to better health.  Stress is a killer, we all know that, and for chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression and persistant migraines, GPs can do very little other than prescribe tablets which could have unpleasant side-effects, and be damaging in the long-term.

The physical body has been found to have 'energy wheels' known as CHAKRAS, (from the Ayurvedic system) which are linked to particular organs and parts of the body, and our emotions too, and they can become blocked - often due to outside influences such as stress, accidents and traumas. Things in life we cannot control, (but that does not mean we have to let them make us ill!)  Once this happens, energy cannot flow properly through our bodies, and that can cause the other Chakras to become over or under-active and physical dis-ease can happen.  We find ourselves suddenly becoming vulnerable to infections or chronic pain or we feel constantly angry, or emotionally-distant perhaps.

The Chakras are known to have certain colours associated with them, so the use of Colour Therapy along with corresponding Crystals and Reiki Healing, is a wonderfully effective treatment to help the energy to flow freely through the body to enable it to heal and feel well, and put the spring back into our step!

Reiki or Usui Reiki originated in the Far East and is a healing energy that is passed down from Reiki Master to Pupil through training and Attunement.  The practitioner uses his or her body to channel the healing energy as it flows through the hands to the recipient. Blockages in the Chakras can be located with a pendulum during the session and then treated. Usui Reiki can even be used safely on plants and animals too! 

As a Reiki 2 Practitioner and qualified Therapist I would be delighted to discuss with you how these Therapies may be able to help you (or your pet) feel better.  They are completely affordable, non-invasive and  most people notice an improvement after the first session!  Everyone deserves to feel well and be able to lead the lives they want without pain, anxiety, depression or illness stopping them. 

Consultations are free and confidential.  For more information, please call Ros Leigh, on 07557345894 or email me at [email protected]