The Bare Facts

The Bare Facts

1.  Animal farming is one of the main causes of man-made global warming.

2. Methane, a major cause of global warming is mainly caused by ruminants (cud-chewing animals)

3. De-forestation for cattle farming or soya beans for their food is the biggest threat to the Amazon, with CO2 release also contributing to climate change.

4. It takes 13.000 - 15,000 litres of fresh water to produce 1kg of beef, compared to 1-2,00 litres for the same quantity of wheat! Freshwater is running out at an alarming rate!

5. Animals reared for food produce 13 billion tonnes of manure a year, this oozes into waterways and pollutes rives and lakes.  The ammonia also causes pollution.

6. Polluted water contains nitrogen and phosphorous that causes algae growth to choke rivers and kill our wildlife

7. Over fishing causes extinction, small fish are thrown back dead, as well as dolphins and porpoises that are caught in nets.

8. Fish farms take small fish from wild to make into pellets to feed farmed trout and salmon,  5 tonnes of ocean fish is needed to get one tonne of factory farmed salmon!

9. Ten times as many people could be fed by using land for crops, than by using it to fatten animals!

10.  If we continue to burn fossil fuels at this rate, by the end of the century one third of all species will be extinct, and our planet will be a very different and inhospitable place.