Reiki Healing Therapy

What is Usui Reiki?


Reiki originates from the far East, and is a wonderful form of healing therapy.  It is non-invasive and is performed with the client fully-clothed, lying comfortably and relaxed on a couch.  It un-blocks energy channels, which may have been caused by stress, or pain, or emotional trauma, and clients usually report a sense of warmth and 'floatiness' during the treatment, followed by a sense of well-being and relief from pain.  The energy wheels, known as Chakras in our body, now proven to exist, when before considered too 'New Age' to be taken seriously, all link to certain organs and emotions.  As an intuitive Healer, I want to help, as I know how vital it is for our bodies and minds to be treated holistically.  Western medicine treats symptoms and more often than not we are just given pain killers for ailments, instead of being listened to!  Many problems are caused by stress, negative thinking, poor lifestyle habits, or blockages to our energy systems, manifesting as pain and dis-ease! These can be cleared and energised, or calmed down during a treatment, and a crystal pendulum used to indicate where problem areas are. After the Reiki the Chakras should be in balance, our energy flowing, and this can ease mental and physical pain, aid in relaxation and better sleep and keep stress at bay.  I have had amazing results, which is a wonderful feeling for me too!

I am a Reiki II practitioner, and would be delighted to meet you for a session, or course of treatments.  Your comfort, dignity and well-being are of paramount importance to me, so please give me a call if you wish to find out more and how Reiki can help you, or your pets, as I am always delighted to treat our beautiful four-legged family members too. Call Rosalind on 07557 345894.  A complete session is £20 and can last for one hour, I am also able to do home-visits for £25