Plant Nursery

As from 2nd February 2018  (Imbolc)  we are pleased to be able to offer a small, but hopefully 'growing' selection of potted plants.

Potted bulbs such as daffodils, muscari, crocuses and tulips, also herbs, perennials and grasses and larger shrubs are planned and will hopefully be available at reasonable prices! This is something that we are very excited about and planning to expand.  We also plan to sell starter vegetable plugs, and eventually fruit trees and bushes.  Watch this space. We plan to sell our plants at small markets and fairs in Sussex, and will give advance notice of place and time on our events page.  As a qualified horticulturalist and ecologist, I will be very pleased to offer any advice I can, especially on Wildlife gardening and permaculture.  Tread gently on the earth!!