Nature's Medicine


When you are out in your garden, doing the weeding, or just taking a stroll in your local park or countryside, did you realise that some of the wild plants growing there, that you may consider weeds, are in fact full of healing properties? For me, personally a walk amoungst trees maybe all I need to calm myself, or shake off a nagging headache.  As we breathe in, trees breathe out, supplying us with oxygen and taking our co2, we are connected, it is as simple as that.  Plants that heal us are all around, and with a bit of patience and knowledge we can treat ourselves and family without resorting to goung to the pharmacy and taking remedies that have side-effects and end up polluting our water

Take the common Stinging Nettle, for example, these plants as well as being a real butterfly magnet, are edible and are a really good blood cleanser.  Full of iron and actually delicious and versatile.  Pick the tops (carefully engage mentally with the plant and ask permission for the highest good!) up until about the end of June, the new tender shoots are best.  Soak in Olive Oil to remove the sting! Then add to salads. or seep in boiling water, strain and drink.  Can also be added to soups or stews or added, finely chopped to bread in the kneeding process, or just before baking.  Yummy!

Another over-looked plant is the humble dandelion.  Eat the tender young leaves in salads as a wonderful kidney cleanser, can help cure cystitis and skin acne! Also rich in Vitamin K and many trace elements, the roots also make a decent coffee substitute! Don't zap them with Round-up!  Even if you don't want them, they are a great source of nectar for the bees.

Hay-fever, or been bitten by midges?  Plantain is the plant for you!  Squeeze the bruised leaves over an insect bite (or nettle sting!) or make into a tea to ward off allergies. Make a poultice of plantain by bruising the leaves and applying to the rashes, stings and bites.

Hawthorn leaves are a wonderful natural beta-blocker, so eating the young leaves is a good idea to keep your heart healthy. Country name 'Bread and Cheese'!

Elderberries and flowers are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.  They really can boost your immune system and cure colds and flu.

Very often the clue to which part of the body can be healed by the plant is in the colour, eg, red for heart/blood, yellow for liver, BUT please do not ingest or use ANY plant that you are not 100% certain about, and can 100% identify.  Never stop taking medication without first informing your GP.


 Why not take a course, or learn to familiarise yourself with the plants growing in your area, so that you can use them to heal yourself and your family?  Nature provides us with a cure for everything.  or more information, contact Ros Leigh CIDESCO, ITEC, 07557 345894 or email me on [email protected]