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Hedging Their Nets

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It's all over the news and social media, today, but probably forgotten tomorrow.  Housing developers netting over hedgerows on sites for planned new-builds.  It is illegal to cut down hedges or trees between 1st March and I believe, 1st September, and it is also illegal to interfere with nesting birds,so to hurry along building progress, hedges are being netted over to stop birds nesting and avoiding delay etc.  Hmm, on the face of it, some people might think, ok, seems logical, and so long as no birds are caught up in the netting (to die a slow and horrible death) it would appear that those concerned are doing their best to be mindful of our wildlife......BUT while I agree that affordable housing is needed, isn't this just typical of how man + greed for money/progress/economy = another blow for our precious and fast dwindling wildlife?  Why do we come first always?  Why whenever a law is passed to help nature is there always someone trying to find a loophole and get round it, so that mankind wins AGAIN?  Can't we just share this planet and stop always thinking that our green spaces and wildlife are an optional extra ?  We know that our physical and mental health is improved by nature, so does it not make sense to help and support it, and let it win, occasionally?

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