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Yule Like This!

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Couldn't believe my eyes and ears watching the News today!  It seems that for once this rather 'Profits before Planet" Government appear to be taking re-cycling a bit seriously, and want to do something about it,  It could of course, come to nothing, and just be a smokescreen for a botched Brexit, and take our minds off everything while they rush through something that we won't like........

This is the time of year when being a vegan and mixing with non-vegan family members can be a bit difficult.  I cannot count the times I have been bombarded with well-meaning comments such as "Come on, have a bit of turkey, it's Christmas" but if we are clever, the increasing availability of delicious meat and dairy alternatives can be displayed for all, and hopefully tasted, to impress even the most confirmed carnivore! 

However you celebrate the approaching festival, and whatever you call it, have a good one, and a healthy and happy 2019!

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