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Let's hear it for the birds!

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Do you have Tawny Owls in your neighbourhood?  If so the BTO would like to hear about it, for a survey.  In fact, if you do not have them they want to hear about it too!  All you have to do is listen out for them for about 20 mins a night and go on to the website to help them understand what is going on with our owls. See above link.

Whilst you are outside listening, see if you can hear the "peep, peep" calls overhead of migrating Redwings which will be on the move now, and often fly at night.

Autumn is a brilliant time to spot migrants, and if you are out walking in the woods and wild places keep your eyes and ears open for the deer rut and the bellowing males locking antlers to defend their rights to the females in the herd. Love this time of year.......

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