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Drowning in Plastic

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Did you watch it last night?  I knew it would be horrifying, but the sight of those Shearwater chicks dying from OUR plastic, as well as the seals and whales entangled in bits of fishing line and net, made me cry.  We must do better.  I felt a little bit impatient with the fishermen who doggedly persist in using the plastic lines, knowing full well the damage that they are causing.  Livlihood?  Well, we all know no job is for life, and people have to change and adapt and learn new skills, I have had to over the years, so why is it the minute someone in a job that damages the environment, bleats about their mortgage do we all say "ok, carry on then"? The rest of us have to re-train and lump it!  Fishing is causing damage to our oceans FULL STOP.

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