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Cat Serial Killer, A Fox??

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How daft does the media in this country think we are?  For months now I have heard horrendous reports of  pet mutilations, South London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  Owners losing beloved pets and finding neatly severed body parts on their doorsteps!  A Fox?  Really?  I can believe that a cat having been sadly run over would be considerd food by a fox.  They are opportunists, and that would make sense, but many moggies are more than equipped to deal quite fiercely with a hungry fox (I have seen it!) also how come these incidents have not happened in every county?!  Something does not smell right to me.....could it be another way that the pro-hunt-brigade could use to spread anti-fox propaganda about, and give the Government yet another excuse to spread their rediculous and unjustified lies about this animal?  No, surely not, how could I even think such a thing........

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