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Say 'No' to chicks in schools!

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Whilst chatting to a lovely lady earlier on today at Hastings vegan fayre, from Animal Aid, she told me about an increasing problem happening in schools these days, by mis-guided but well-meaning teachers.

Hatching chicks to show children the wonders of nature, unfortunately is leading to horrendous cruelty.  Not only are the eggs not poperly turned, resulting in deformed chicks, but once the chicks hatch, what then??!  The chances of the chicks being properly cared for and responsibly re-homed are unlikely, also what happens if the chick turns into a noisy crowing cockerel that no-one wants?  Horrible stories have been flooding in, about the 'advice' on how to 'get rid' of these poor little creatures.  Please stop this!!

It is heart-breaking that our children are so ignorant about nature that this is the only way people can think of to educate them.

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