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Birdfair 2018

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I have just returned from a most enjoyable weekend at Rutland Water, for Birdfair 2018.  What a pleasure it was to be part of such a fantastic event at such a beautiful part of the world!  Ordered a bat detector which  I have been after for ages and heard some really entertaining as well as thought-provoking talks on conservation in general, and saw my first Osprey.  Superb bird!  It was a really positive experience to be with so many people who are so passionate about wildlife, and reminded me that despite all the horrible and depressing stories and reports we are bombarded with daily with respect to  species extinction, pollution and climate change, as well as hunting and cruelty to animals and birds in general.....there are people like us who will not give up, who  continue to fight, go on marches, write letters, join societies and wildlife charities or seek employment or volunteer in conservation.  We are passionate, we  will stand up and be counted, and we will win the fight.

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