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Chainsaw Massacre!

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Why oh why is the human race so stupid and selfish?!  I keep seeing people cutting back hedges, trees, bushes, you name it, because it is there, and 'in the way'.  Birds are nesting, infact practically all of nature is busily and harmlessly getting on with the business of raising their young, and they have the right to do it in peace, without being harrassed, or having their homes and young brutally murdered because we think we have the right to build another pointless road for our tin boxes on wheels, or have neat, sterile little gardens!  It is ILLEGAL as well as downright evil (in my opinion) to disturb or destroy nests.  If the human race wishes to continue committing Ecocide, it does it without my consent, not in my name, thank you, and if I catch you doing it, I shall be loud and possibly rude.  You have been warned......

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