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  1. This week, I have had it with Politicians,  How much clearer do Scientists have to be?  We are told we have barely 12 years to deal with climate change.  Seventeen out of the eighteen warmest years in the 136 years record have occurred since 2001.  We are causing extinction of species at such an alarming rate we can barely keep up with it.  Natural habitats are being destroyed, along with the species that depend on them.  Supermarkets are still selling everything in plastic and we are still buying it.  People need houses but as far as I am aware, the only types being planned to be built are out of bricks and mortar, not eco-houses, out of sustainable materials.  In short, same old, same old, no change, let's all just carry on with what we have been doing for the last however many years, and hope that SOMEONE will come up with a plan, but not one that forces us to give up anything, or stop doing something! 

    I am planning a whole lot of Civil Disobediance this year, Extinction Rebellion, here I come. I stand with you.  I am asking you now, will YOU stand with me?

  2. Well it appears that it is now official; a plant based diet is the way forward to save the planet!  Of course some of us have been saying this for a while, but I consider gloating bad-sportsmanship.  Not only do we feed the world, but we cut down on emissions, and there is no animal cruelty involved!  It cannot happen over-night, naturally, but it seems that at some point veganism will be the approved norm, instead of just being a tolerated lifestyle adopted by an enlightened few!

    I am currently working on a few designs for our own T-shirts, but trying to dream up original, but still punchy slogans, is not as easy as I had hoped, however, we hope that within a few weeks we will have a new and exciting range in 100% organic, sustainable cotton.