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  1. I had a sneaky week-end off last week, and went to Glastonbury with a dear friend.  Did me the world of good to re-connect with that wonderful place.  As I am now too disabled to walk up to the top of the Tor, in less than say, a week, I found an obliging rock to perch on in the sunshine as my friend walked to the top to honour the four directions and meditate.  As I waited, thinking beautiful thoughts about the view and what a privilige it is to be able to do these things now openly, i.e. openly 'worship' our Goddess and Gods, I felt very sad suddenly that not so long ago this would not have been possible.  Millions of women and men were burnt, hanged, drowned and tortured for carrying out healings, or just living alone and being a bit 'different'.  As we remember and honour our dead this season, perhaps light a candle and spare a thought for those who were/are persecuted and murdered, simply for not being mainstream.

  2. It was upsetting to hear on the news recently that a small child had been badly hurt by a stag in a London park, and as a mother of 3, I can imagine the anguish.  Please people, remember the stags are FULL of testosterone now, defending territories and wanting to eliminate competition to the does.  It is their territory NOT ours, so be careful as they will charge and attack if we get too close!  Respect this, and by all means watch from a safe distance, but they are not cuddly toys, or behind bars in a zoo, so the sooner we teach our kids to love and respect nature, the better I reckon.