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  1. Well as I write we are in the middle of what the Europeans call Summer and what we here in Albion refer to as a heatwave!  However, it is many weeks since we here in Sussex have had even a drop of rain and to be honest it is getting a tad worrying!  To save water I am saving washing up water to pour on my ornamental plants, and this is fine as I use eco-friendly washing up liquid, and save the pure water for my edible crops.  Mulching after watering is a good idea too, to stop evaporation.  Spare a thought for our wildlife who have no taps to get water from.  If you can put fresh water daily in birdbaths, the birds will be grateful as they need to be able to bathe to maintain their feathers, as well as drink the water, and putting bowls of water on the ground could be the difference between life and death for badgers, deer, foxes and of course hedgehogs.

    If you grow comfrey, it makes a fantastic tomatoe feed, or indeed a feed for all vegetables.  Cut it down and chop it up a bit leaving in a bucket of water for a few weeks until it goes black and smelly. Then dilute and feed your veggies!

  2. Why oh why is the human race so stupid and selfish?!  I keep seeing people cutting back hedges, trees, bushes, you name it, because it is there, and 'in the way'.  Birds are nesting, infact practically all of nature is busily and harmlessly getting on with the business of raising their young, and they have the right to do it in peace, without being harrassed, or having their homes and young brutally murdered because we think we have the right to build another pointless road for our tin boxes on wheels, or have neat, sterile little gardens!  It is ILLEGAL as well as downright evil (in my opinion) to disturb or destroy nests.  If the human race wishes to continue committing Ecocide, it does it without my consent, not in my name, thank you, and if I catch you doing it, I shall be loud and possibly rude.  You have been warned......