About GreenGoddessEarth

Greengoddessearth.co.uk is a small family-run business in East Sussex. We sell fair-trade clothing, bags, and gifts, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, natural hemp and plastic-free, cruelty-free, beauty products, in our shop.  We are also building a small plant nursery selling plants and wildflowers, that are nectar-rich to help precious pollinators, such as bees.  Our plants are grown organically.

I am an active permaculturist and Ecologist, as well as being a Solitary Witch, Druid and Shamanic worker for many years. I am a Reiki Practioner, Tarot card reader and Crystal healer, and all my life have been fascinated and connected to plants, trees and wildlife and believe that nature is a wonderful healer. I began my training in Therapies over 30 years ago, and heard the Goddess calling me around the same time.  I also heard about Fair Trade, and how it actually works, becoming less and less satisfied with 'the system' that exists in our Society, based on exploitation, and plastic! I realised about 5 years ago, when I set up the company, that cheap, synthetic throw-away fashion, damages the environment, by releasing toxins into the atmosphere, it also releases micro-plastics into the oceans, and clothing very often ends up on landfill as fashions change! 

 Fair Trade ensures that the workers who make and craft these lovely products in our shop are not exploited, and are paid a fair price for their labours. We sell BAFTS approved labels for our clothing, bags and accessories and try to be very active in the local community, caring for the environment and biosphere and try to be carbon neutral in how we buy, and also what we buy, and how we package the products to send off to you.  For every order we receive we plant a small tree, or pollinator plant (depending on the season).

 As well as Fair Trade, we actively support, and work for Friends of the Earth, The Marine Conservation Society, The Hunt Saboteurs, The League Against Cruel Sports, Greenpeace, The British Trust for Ornithology, RSPB and The Sussex Wildlife Trust. A percentage of our profits is donated to these charities.

For further information on our therapies, or to enquire about our products,  please contact Ros on 07557 345894. Email; [email protected]



 Photo by Cobblytacks