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Welcome to Greengoddessearth.co.uk and thank you for visiting our site!  We are a small, family-run business, passionate about Fair trade, and earth-friendly, no-plastic products. We believe that enough is enough - our oceans contain almost as much plastic as they do fish!  Climate change, pollution, de-forestation, species extinction levels are all happening at an alarming rate, and caused by us. Few of our politicians seem to care and put economic profit and 'progress' before the environment.  We put ethics before profits! 

Even the idea of not being given a free plastic bag in shops, seems to have turned into a marketing exercise to sell us one! Our planet is beautiful, she is our Mother, and she provides us with everything we need in the plant realm to live happier, healthier lives, what a way to repay her!! It has always disturbed me that humans are becoming more and more distanced from nature, and that will be our un-doing. As a species, we have to change the way we live. Now.

We at greengoddessearth have dispensed with plastic packaging altogether, and source and sell products that are 'green', bio-degradable, re-cycled, and from sustainable sources. We have found  bamboo and non-plastic alternatives to many everyday items sold; and currently sell Gringo, Equal Earth and Siesta brands of BAFTS approved Fair trade clothing and accessories - all made from pieces of re-cycled fabrics and without harmful chemicals or micro-plastics. We also have ranges of Hemp Oil,Vegan and Plastic-free toiletries.  Besides our ranges of 'hippie' or festival clothing, we sell fair trade giftware,  hand-made from different cultures around the world.  We stock Beebombs- wildflower seed bombs to help our little pollinators! #Save the Bees.

As an active and enthusiastic Permaculturist, I have founded my business on the Permaculture Mantra.  Earth Care, People Care, Future Care.  Our products help protect and lessen damage to the Earth, as they are plastic-free in manufacture, delivery to us and to you. By buying fair trade, they ensure that the people who actually make our products have been paid a fair wage and not exploited, e.g. BAFTS approved.

You can safely order from us via paypal and we use eco-friendly packaging without plastic! As we are still only a small business, our supplies of certain items may be limited, but we try to provide a first-class, and friendly service! Support your local small businesses! For any enquiries, please contact Ros on 07557 345894, or email us on [email protected]  A percentage of our profits is put into an 'Earth-care' Pot, and distributed amongst environmental charities.

The owner, Ros Leigh is a Solitary Hedgewitch and Druid, and works alongside the shop as a Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing Therapist and is also an experienced Tarot Card Reader. All of these Therapies can be booked with Ros on 07557 345894.



The system cannot support Gaia. If the planet matters to you, you can help us make a difference. 








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