Tarot Readings

Have you ever come to a cross-roads in your life and been unsure what to do?  Do you ever wonder 'how to play' something at work, or in your relationships?  Perhaps a Tarot Reading could shed some light on the matter!  Many people I speak to though, say they have been tempted to book a Reading, but are afraid, for example they know that there is a Death card, and assume it means something awful if it is drawn! Actually this could not really be further from the truth, but as the Tarot was once referred to as The Devil's Picture Book, it is easy to understand why some people are a little scared!

Can I try to reassure?

First of all, the cards though ancient and full of symbolism, deal with day-to-day matters such as our finances, emotions, and decision-making, and can be a valuable tool in helping us make sensible choices, or ridding ourselves of negative patterns of behaviour that hold us back!  The cards can show us that maybe that longed-for promotion might be about to happen, or that now is a good time to be more sociable! 

Secondly, even cards such as The Tower, or the infamous Death Card, are more about sudden positive changes that can be about to happen, often after a period in one's life that has been less than agreeable!

I have been reading and working with The Tarot for many years.  It has helped me make improvements to my life, but better still, is the joy and satisfaction I feel when I can help someone else reach a decision or see light at the end of the tunnel.  Why not try it for yourself?  Readings can be done in the comfort of your home for just £20, and can take up to about an hour.

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