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  1. At the moment, I live in the woods and for me it is absolutely fantastic.  I can watch the seasons change, and wake up to the sounds of birds - this morning blackcap, blackbird, robin, wren, nuthatch and as I opened my eyes, and sat up, a fox cub came through the undergrowth and trotted off into the trees.  At night I hear tawny owl and watch badgers, and bats.  I have a garden for flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables and if I cannot get out into it, or am unable to watch the birds or animals, I feel a bit rubbish.

    It is Chelsea Flower Show week, and the presenters were actually talking about this very subject - the effects of being outdoors, walking in woodlands and generally the benefits that green spaces have on our mental health.  I would like to live in a world, where nature is positively glorified!  I get so irritated by listening to people who have to cut down, spray, discourage, get rid of, kill etc etc.  How wonderful it would be to have doctors prescribe walking, gardening or wildlife watching, instead of pills! How much more likely are we to survive as a species, if we admit that we too are animals and the creatures that live outside are our younger brothers and sisters!

  2. "We need to do something about climate change"  and those of us with brain cells agree, but what are we all agreeing is the something we need to do?  With the facts, scary to read and absorb, we realise with dismay that everything we do, or have been doing basically since our birth has contributed to this mess, admittedly without us knowing, but now that we do know, what do we have to agree to change in our lives?

    "We need all our cars", I have a right to fly off on holiday if I want to"," But I hate vegan food, I like meat and fish", "If I need a new phone/laptop/washing machine, I buy one" and so we go on, with our sense of entitlement.  Cutting down mesy-in-our-way-trees, using chemicals to sanitise everything, poison insects and weeds so we have a nice, neat garden, and decide which animals are worthy of our protection, based on our own standards, as long as they don't get too close to our homes, or make a mess.  Well, it has been suggested that unless we plant a trillion trees now, we are doomed.  There are too many people in the world, unless we limit our numbers by possibly stopping people having more than one child, we are doomed.  Are we prepared to STOP buying stuff that causes CO2 by its manufacture?  Are we prepared to stop flying altogether? Because if we don't we are doomed.  Capitalism has helped cause this, and we are all waiting for something to save us, so that we do not have to change our lives and face up to some pretty unpleasant truths. I love this beautiful planet, and right now, saving her and all life on it, is the most important thing we will ever do.